When you bring your vehicle to Premier Island Auto Detail, we will take the time to analyze it completely before starting the work. You will be given a comprehensive estimate along with recommendations for your specific vehicle that will make it look like-new. Regardless if you just purchased the vehicle or have had it for years, we will always treat it with the respect it deserves.

We want all residents throughout the island to have a place to bring their vehicle for excellent service. We are committed to always doing a job well-done the first time, so we’ll make sure your vehicle is detailed to perfection and that you leave extremely satisfied. Premier Island Auto Detail also proudly offers a 15% military discount on all services (can’t be combined with other specials).

In addition to our washing, waxing and buffing services, we provide ceramic coating. This coating serves as a protective exterior layer on your vehicle and will aid against extreme weather conditions, scratches and chemicals. We will coat your exhaust components and exterior in order to provide a truly sleek and gleaming look you will love. 

Our Auto Detailing Services

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for an auto detailing that will leave your vehicle looking fresh, polished and new. Our auto detailing services include:

Ceramic Coat Application
Complete Exterior Wash
Wax And Buffing Service



Basic Wash $35
Engine $75
Full Detail w/out Buff $299
Full Detail w/ Buff $399
Exterior Only $175
Interior Only $175
PCS Special $150
Vacuum $15
Wash & Vacuum $50
Wash, Shampoo, & Vacuum $200
Wash, Vacuum, & Wax $85
Wash, Vacuum, Shampoo, & Wax $250
Headlights $25 per

Trucks & SUVs

Basic Wash $45
Engine $100
Full Detail w/ Buff $499
Full Detail w/out Buff $399
Exterior Only $250
Interior Only $250
PCS Special $175
Vacuum $20
Wash & Vacuum $60
Wash, Shampoo & Vacuum $250
Wash, Vacuum, & Wax $95
Wash, Vacuum, Shampoo & Wax $299
Headlights $25 per


Basic Wash $55
Engine $125
Full Detail w/ Buff $599
Full Detail w/out Buff $499
Exterior Only $250
Interior Only $300
PCS Special $200
Vacuum $25
Wash & Vacuum $75
Wash, Shampoo & Vacuum $299
Wash, Vacuum, & Wax $105
Wash, Vacuum, Shampoo & Wax $350
Headlights $25 per


Street Bikes:
– Cleaning $45
– Ceramic Coat $399

– Cleaning $65
– Ceramic Coat $499

Premier Island Auto Detail is now an official accredited installation center for System X Automotive Ceramic Protection, the top-rated ceramic coating available. Protect your vehicle from harmful corrosives and UV rays with the versatile and long-lasting beauty of System X. 

Bonus: If you get a ceramic coat done with us, you will receive 1/2 off all services up to a full detail on that vehicle thereafter.



System X Diamond provides paint protection with unprecedented levels of gloss, durability, and chemical resistance. Dark colors will deepen and vibrant colors will pop when they’re covered in the glossy shell of System X’s longest-lasting ceramic protection. 


Reinforce the protection of your paint with an extra layer of coverage. Slick is an enhancement that bonds to the lifetime Diamond ceramic coat and acts as a second clear shield that gives your car a glossy, wet look and a velvety feel.


As the name would suggest, System X Glass protects the glass surfaces of your vehicle—your windshield, windscreen, windows, mirrors, and glass headlamps—from micro scratches. The coating also serves to keep glass surfaces cleaner and clearer for greater and better visibility.


When applied to fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl, System X Interior creates a hydrophobic barrier that makes stains and spills easier than ever to clean up. Unlike other traditional coatings, System X Interior doesn’t change the texture of materials, keeping them looking and feeling natural.


Diamond Coat (Lifetime 8yr Warranty)

New Car (2019 -2020) $999
New Truck/SUV $1199
New Van $1399

Older Cars (2018-Older) $1499
Older Trucks/SUV $1699
Older Van $1899


Diamond Super Slick (Lifetime-8yr Warranty)

New Cars (2019-2020) $1500
New Trucks $1700
New Vans $1900

Older Cars (2018-Older) $1999
Older Trucks/SUV $2299
Older Vans $2599

Mobile Yacht Detailing

Call for a free quote.

Slick Add-On

Cars $500 / Trucks & SUVs $600 / Vans $700

Liquid Armor

One (Lifetime Warranty)

New Cars (2020-2015) $1300
New Trucks/SUV $1500
New Van $1700

Older Cars (2015-Older) $1800
Older Trucks/SUV $2000
Older Vans $2200

Lotus 2yr ceramic (No Warranty)

New Cars $650
New Trucks $750
New Vans $850

Older Cars (2015-Older) $999
Older Trucks (2015-Older) $1100
Older Vans (2015-Older) $1300

LA9H (2-5yr Warranty)

New Cars (2020-2015) $850
New Trucks/SUV (2020-2015) $950
New Vans (2020-2015) $1050

Older Cars (2015-Older) $1100
Older Trucks/SUV (2015-Older) $1300
Older Vans (2015-Older) $1500